Recipes and cooking tips from a guy who loves to cook and eat, all the time...


Hello! My name is Derrick Brown and I am The Grazing Glutton. I once heard someone make a comment about there being two types of people in the world. People who eat to live and people who live to eat. I am definitely the latter. It occurred to me that no matter what I’ve done in life, food was never far from my mind. When I go to bed at night I am thinking about what I can do for breakfast. During breakfast, I’m thinking about lunch. During lunch, what would be good for dinner? Not to mention what I can experiment with in between. I have food issues and I love it.

My desire for this site is to share some personal recipes with you. I love kitchen gadgets so I have to make sure we keep up with those. How about those must-try spots to eat at? Can’t leave those out. I’m sure that along the way we’ll find plenty of other types of food mischief to get into.